The Best Speeding Ticket Defense

Speeding ticket defense can very well manifest from the time your car is put to a stop and the minute an officer come rushing through your car. Defending yourself and explaining your side is a good point however, you need to pick lines that will satisfy and win over an officer. Here are some of the not-so-moving and unrealistic excuses people find themselves exclaiming. Read on.

1. “I am running on an important errand and this call for an emergency”. You will always find yourself uttering these words, no matter how redundant and superfluous the statement is, people still love to make this as a primary speeding ticket defense.

2. “I am catching up on a family affair and my presence is badly needed”. Yes, family gatherings are important yet, a lame excuse of speeding up just so you can arrive on time is oftentimes shrugged off by many officers and this does not fall as a valid speeding ticket defense.

3. “This is my first time to drive on this road and I’m just familiarizing myself here”. Now this really calls for your doom. Why? A driver will not be caught over speeding if he is not in terms with the road he is traversing. If the road is not proverbial to you, don’t you think you could have been slowing down instead of speeding up?

There are still a lot of pointless excuses yet; the best ones come from stating what truly happened and accept whatever penalties waiting for a delinquent driver like you. Do you really want to avoid these hazards? Get yourself ‘Traffic Ticket Secrets’ and see the difference.

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