What You Need to Know about Going to Court For a Speeding Ticket

You tried your best with the traffic officer; you tried to make him understand that you had to go over a couple mph’s. But that failed. You tried to sound extremely sorry but that also was not received as forgivingly and openly as you hoped. So now, you are going to court for a speeding ticket.

Hold your horses and no need to panic. Here are some things you have to take note about going to court for a speeding ticket.


  • Become friendly to your arresting officer. Do not do anything stupid to the point of bribing him but the more that he or she sees you as another person and not as a case, then the lesser the chances are that the arresting officer will push through with your case. Also, when you become friendly with them, you get to know their off dates and their vacations dates that you can set your trial dates during those times that your arresting officer is out.

  • Plead “not guilty” for your pre-trial hearing.

  • When the date for your court trial has been set, make sure you think of all reasons that you can to delay this said date. This will hopefully push the date so far back that your arresting officer will already be moved to another state or it will be so far back that your arresting officer forgot the important details that can convict you.

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