What do you need to know about Your First Speeding Ticket?

You have been a law abiding citizen ever since you can remember. You reduce speed when the lights hit yellow, you pay your taxes before cut off period and you even segregate your trash in the correct color coded trash bag. You follow everything by the book.

So what do you do when you get issued the first speeding ticket?

Your initial reaction may be to panic and cry yourself to fetal position. But here are some tips on what you should do on your first speeding ticket.

Once you hear the sirens, pull over. Do not, under any circumstances, dive away like a race car maniac and hope against all hopes that the traffic cop will just give up and go back to munching away on some donuts. Just stop and wait for the traffic cop to go to your car.

Be polite to the nice traffic cop with a gun. Roll down your carís window and open the light. Answer questions. Do not smart mouth him for doing his job.

Communicate with the traffic cop as soon as he is done.  Show him how much you regret doing  what you have just done and you totally understand the sanctions he imposed. Then go ahead and explain the reason why you had to go 80 mph on a 50 mph zone.

 These tips might help you but in order to beat your very first speeding ticket, you may want to enroll in a traffic violation strategy course like "Traffic Ticket Secrets".

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