Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it really possible to get my traffic ticket dismissed?

A: Yes, every year millions of people simply walk into court and simply pay their fine and leave.  95% of people who receive tickets follow this same routine because they believe there's simply no possible way to beat the court.  You'll be a part of the elite 5% who knows the secrets to getting out of any traffic ticket.  The judge will recognize that you are smart and understand how to work the system and simply will dismiss your ticket.  The court will want to move on to the next case as quickly as possible.

Q: Will 'Beat The System' work in all 50 states?

A: Yes, the techniques inside Beat the System will work in any U.S. city (small or large) from coast to coast. These strategies are more geared towards the American judicial system, as such these techniques will NOT help you beat a speeding ticket in Canada or any other country outside the U.S.

Q: What types of speeding tickets will 'Beat The System' help me with?

A: Beat the System will help you beat ANY type of speed related traffic ticket. The ones which I deal with in depth are stationary radar, moving radar, laser, pacing, VASCAR, aerial and estimation.

Q: Is this legal?

A: Yes!  It's your right as an American citizen to defend yourself.  Every method explained is 100% legal!

Q: What if I really am guilty, is there any chance I can still get my case dismissed?

A: Yes,  you are innocent until you are proven to be guilty.  The officer and court MUST prove many facts about your case before you can be found guilty.  We show you EXACTLY what you need to do to challenge the court to show the facts against you.  There is a very good chance that even if you are guilty you can still get off of the citation.

Q: What if 'Beat The System' doesn't work out for me? Can I get a refund?

A: Yes - 'Beat The System' is backed by a 100% no questions asked money-back guarantee!


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