Does Appealing a Speeding Ticket Really Work?

Appealing a speeding ticket not only mean that once you got the judge say you are guilty of the traffic violation, that is the only time you can do an appeal. One can start an appeal as soon as the traffic cop pulls you over.

There are a lot of “appealing a speeding ticket tricks” that you can get online for free some of which are the following:


  • Appealing a speeding ticket with the traffic police:

The traffic police is a human being like you and me. The trick is to make him or her understand why you were hitting 90 mph on a 60 mph zone. Explain that maybe your wife is in the hospital and she is in labor or explain that you are rushing to meet your best friend you haven’t seen for 10 years. In any case, appeal to your traffic police man’s human side.

  • Appealing a speeding ticket in the courtroom:

In order to start your appeal, make sure you look like you deserve to be heard. Comb your hair and dress like you are going to church. Also, do not be late. Have your facts straightened out and consult a lawyer before anything else. There are a lot of free legal counsel services that are available online or check your union as they may offer one.

However, to make an appeal that will stick and really be effective, you would need to enroll in the Traffic Ticket Secrets course. Trust us, this is more cost-effective compared to paying the sum of increased car premium plus the ticket’s cost

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